Thank you for visiting my site, I'm glad you stopped by!! I just recently decided to jump into the adventure and sell my blocks. These blocks are great for baby showers, birthday gifts, or just for fun! The options are endless!! To see some finished blocks click here. On the side you will see pricing, and ordering information. As always thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Products

Well I told you that I had been working on some new items and I have finally completede a couple of them. I will have one more to add once we are done being sick over here and I can take my lovely son in public...he has pneumonia so we are sorta trapped!!

Recipe Holder $5 (Clothes pin measures 6"x 1.5")

Altered Clipboard used for photos or notes $6
(Clipboard measures 9"x 6")
Photo holder $5 (Clothespin measures 6" x 1.5")
I hope you like them. Both can be custom ordered depending on availibility of supples and product. Don't worry there is more to come as well I got a couple suggestions and am thinking I will have to run a facebook special for new items soon.


  1. ooooh!!! I LOVE the recipe card holder and the family photo holder...I think I need one of each. Do you have anything in b&w?

  2. I can make something in b/w if you are interested. It might be a couple of days due to illness, but definitely doable. Just let me know.