Thank you for visiting my site, I'm glad you stopped by!! I just recently decided to jump into the adventure and sell my blocks. These blocks are great for baby showers, birthday gifts, or just for fun! The options are endless!! To see some finished blocks click here. On the side you will see pricing, and ordering information. As always thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Block Mania

Some sets that I have recently finished! Don't forget I will be at the Holiday Gift Gallery at Cherry Lane Preschool tomorrow from 9-2:30.


  1. Kate! I just met you at the Cherry Lane craft show, and bought a "Family" set. I am so excited to spread the word of your business, b/c I love these blocks. They are a gift for my mother in law, but I am currently scheming up other places in my own house that I would like blocks... I will call on you when I'm ready for more! :) Thanks again and I hope your business continues to grow!!!

  2. Thanks so much Laura! It was great to meet you too! I appreciate the support. It has always been a dream to do something crafty like this so I am super excited to be doing it! Thanks again!!